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The Depantsing Queens ... Have YOU been depantsed today?
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Contact UsHumiliate Us.LinksSee how 18-year old Louise Ogborn was caught on video being strip-searched totally naked, spanked and sexually humiliated.We were only 18 years old and our whole high school saw naked pics of us. Could we really be any more embarrassed if YOU see us totally nude, too?Shocking School Humiliations. Strip-searches, bare-bottom spankings, humiliating forced nude body exams by the opposite sex, schoolgirls forced to strip for bad grades...Being spanked at school is so humiliating. Trust us. We should know.You agree to these terms by using this website. You can also view our copyright information and learn how you can use our commentaries, polls and pics on your website for free.

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"Give Generously" by Bad Girl Spanker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on the work "Libby Marr (self portrait), caught naked" at

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Shocking School Humiliations - We're not the only schoolgirls who've been humiliated.
In the News - Why do we allow teachers to humiliate our kids?
  • Ohio Judge OKs Bare-Bottom Spankings of Teenage Schoolgirls
  • Female Teacher Orders 12-Year Old Boy to Strip in Front of Class
  • Female Social Worker Invites Female Friend to Watch Strip-Search of 14-Year Old Boy
  • 6th Grade Girls Who Got Bad Grades Forced to Expose Their Bare Breasts Classmates
  • Male Principal in Arizona Makes 15-Year Old Girl Strip Totally Nude Before Paddling Her
  • U.K. Schoolgirls Humiliated When Forced to Strip in Front of Boys for P.E.
  • Lawyers Want to Watch Videotapes of Montana High School Girls Showering Nude

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    How to Quickly Turn an Impertinent Older Teenage Girl into a Crying Pre-Schooler? - A: Spank her bare bottom in front of younger boys.
    Should Schools Spank?: Why classroom spankings, even bare-bottom ones, should replace the barbarity of school paddlings
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